Useful weeds in the garden

Being engaged in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, berries, or fruits, the breeder has to constantly deal with weeds. Article by

However, in the garden or in the garden, useful weeds are found. They can benefit not only nearby plants, but also the human body.

The most useful weeds

A large number of weeds are growing on the site. The most useful of these are:

1. Dream. This herb has a developed root system, so it is extremely tenacious. Dust is an edible plant that contains many minerals and vitamins. It can be used to prevent vitamin deficiency, heart disease and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the rot helps to strengthen the
immune system.

2. Plantain. Our ancestors knew about the healing properties of this weed. Plantain contains antiseptics, polysaccharides, volatile, minerals, vitamins, organic acids, etc.

3. Nettle. This plant is in any country house or garden. With the help of nettles, bleeding can be quickly stopped. Nettle contains many amino acids that are essential for the human body. In addition, its composition includes minerals and vitamins.

4. Dandelion. This weed plant is on every plot. It can be used both in cooking and in medicine. Inflorescences, seeds and weed foliage have healing properties. Young dandelion leaves can be added to fresh salads. The plant improves the functioning of the immune system and helps the body quickly gain strength after the winter period.

5. Quinoa. This weed contains amino acids, carbohydrates,
proteins and fats, as well as mineral and vitamin macronutrients. Experts note that this weed grass has more beneficial qualities than spinach.

6. Caustic buttercup. This plant contains substances that, when processed, produce hydrocyanic acid. Therefore, weed is forbidden to eat. In the field of alternative medicine, buttercup is used externally to eliminate pain in articular pathologies, lupus erythematosus and rheumatism.

7. Louse. This groundcover is popular with livestock. For example, cows, using wood lice for food, produce more milk. In addition, the weed contains many vitamins, so it can be used to cope with spring vitamin deficiency. Additionally, wood louse has choleretic, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

8. Yarrow. This plant allows you to create optimal conditions on the site for the development of cultivated vegetation. Yarrow effectively fights parasitic insects and crop diseases. Crops in the garden or garden can be sprayed with a tincture of 2000 ml of boiling water and 0.8 kg of grass.

9. Chamomile. This weed plant structures the soil and also protects crops from negative external influences. In addition, chamomile stimulates the growth of onions and cabbage.

10. Comfrey. Liquid weed is often made from this weed. Comfrey contains a lot of potassium and phosphorus. It is used in the same way as the yarrow infusion.

Using these weeds, you can improve not only the crops in the garden or garden, but also your own body.

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