How to Get the Most out of the Growing Season

Unless you live in a tropical paradise, your gardening activities are probably confined to a specific growing season. While having distinct seasons in the year can be quite enjoyable, it might be nice to have a longer period in which to cultivate plants. There are several methods for extending the growing season so you can enjoy your fruits and flowers longer.
One simple way to begin your gardening early is to start your seedlings inside. If you have some space and a good grow light, you can plant your seedlings in small pots indoors then transfer them outside later. It is fairly common to find gardeners starting their seedlings indoors four or six weeks before the normal planting time. If you want to plant even earlier, you can start the young plants in larger pots, so they have more room to grow before you are forced to transplant them. While not the only type of grow light available, LED grow lights are quite popular because they have a high ratio of light output to power consumption, usually last much longer than other bulbs, and put off less heat. In order to ensure your seedlings are receiving the right type of light, a blue spectrum LED grow light is advisable.
Another way to extend your growing time is to move the plants indoors when the weather turns chilly. Early frosts can be very frustrating, but you can avoid frost damage by bringing potted plants inside on frosty nights, and moving them back out if the next day is warm. Frost can be especially damaging to unripe fruits and vegetables. If the weather turns cold before your harvest is fully ready, you can allow the fruits or vegetables to finish ripening under a grow light inside. Some plants, such as herbs and smaller shrubs, can just stay inside over the winter if you provide them with proper light and water. Orange LED grow bulbs are recommended for fruit-bearing plants.
A fairly obvious method for lengthening the growing season is to use a greenhouse. Greenhouses come in many shapes and sizes, from small kit greenhouses to large permanent structures. They can also be made of several different materials. Depending on the weather in your location, a greenhouse allows you to begin growing plants earlier and continue later into the season, or even to grow plants year-round. If the weather is not temperate enough to allow year-round growing in an unheated greenhouse, the addition of a heater and some LED grow lights may be enough to make the difference.
With an indoor hydroponic garden, you can grow plants anytime, regardless of the season or temperatures. The size and variety of your indoor garden is limited only by how much space and money you allot to it. Thanks to their long life span and energy efficient design, Advanced LED grow lights are a great choice for indoor hydroponic gardening. If you want to grow flowers inside, red spectrum LED light is best.

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