How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs? If you are looking for bed bugs treatment, then most likely you have come across these nasty, little critters in your home, or even worse, in your bed. Well, you have come to the right place.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects, also known as ‘Cimicidae’. The most common type bed bug is the Cimex lectularius bed bug. Adult bed bugs are light brown to reddish-brown in color. The have a flat, oval shape and have no hind wings. Bed bug adults can grow to 4–5 mm in length and 1.5–3 mm wide.
All the different insects in bed bug family live by feeding on the blood of warm-blooded animals, such as humans, and the term ‘bed bug’ usually refers to those bugs in this insect family that feeds on human blood, often by way of hiding in the bed or mattress of the affected people. Bed bugs are mostly attracted to their hosts by carbon dioxide, but can also be attracted merely by the warmth of the body.
Bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding, in cold conditions. However, they normally try to feed every five to ten days.
Skin rashes and allergic symptoms are often a result of bed bug bites.
In the western world, bed bugs were almost eradicated as pests in the early 1940s. But their numbers have increased since about 1995, and especially large metropolitan areas, like New York, have seen a rise in the number of bed bug cases.
The exact causes of this rise is unclear. The rise in the number of bed bugs cases has been ascribed to the increase in foreign travel, more frequent exchange of second-hand furnishings among homes or an increasing resistance of bed bugs to pesticides.
Bed bugs are not strictly nocturnal, but it is clear that they are mainly active at night, where they can feed unnoticed on their human hosts, while they sleep. Bed bugs are also known as: The wall louse, mahogany flat, The crimson rambler, the chinche and also redcoat. They most common term, however, remain the ‘Bed Bug’ and this article on how to get rid of bed bugs will use that term.

How Can I Find The bed bugs?

Bed bugs are usually nocturnal, which mean that they are very hard to spot. They often hide unnoticed in the fabric seams of a bed or a mattress. The bed bug bites on your body is an obvious sign that, yes, you have bed bugs, but other signs of bed bugs include fecal spots and blood smears on sheets, and even bed bug molts.
Strip back the sheets on your bed: If you have bed bugs you will likely find dark faecal marks or bed bug eggs – The bed bug eggs look like a grain of rice. The insects are most likely found in the folds/creases of the mattress, and also around buttons, the handles and along the headboard of the mattress, so anywhere with dark crevices.
bed bugs often congregate together, once they are established. They usually remain close to hosts, so most commonly in or near beds, couches or in your pets living quarters.
Bed bugs can be found by their characteristic smell of cilantro, coriander, almonds or the smell of over-ripe raspberries. Recently, Bed bug detection dogs have been trained to pinpoint the exact Bed bugs infestations, which the dogs can do with a possible accuracy rate of 97.5%!

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

First, make sure that you do have bed bugs. Bed bug bites like these are a sure sign that you have bed bugs.
If you have found bed bugs in your house, then you would want to get rid of the bed bugs, fast! The bed bugs can be so hard to kill, that natural home remedy methods are rarely complety effective. You might kill some of the bed bugs, but rarely all of them in one go, and you may miss the bed bug eggs.


The most effective pesticides for killing bed bugs include: Pyrethroids, Dichlorvos and Malathion. However, resistance to pesticides has increased significantly over time and there can be concerns of negative health effects from their use, especially in environments with children.


Mechanical approaches like vacuuming the bed bugs are recommended. Make sure tho throw out the vacuuming bag afterwards.


Adult bed bugs die within 15 minutes at temperatures greater than 113ºF,45ºC, and 60 minutes to kill the bed bug eggs. Raising room temperatures and maintaining that temperature for several hours can eliminate a bed bug infestation. Steam can used to treat specific areas.

Throw Out The Mattress

If you have found the hiding place of a colony of bed bugs, then simply replace this item, if possible. Of course, this is no guarantee that all bed bugs have been eradicated.

Bed Bug Traps

Traps for bed bugs can be purchased, and they work by emitting carbon dioxide, which attracts the bed bugs.

Non-pesticide Bed Bug Sprays

Non-Pesticide (“or Natural”) Bed Bug Sprays, like Rest Easy and Bed Bug Bully, are claiming to be able to kill bed bugs in a natural way. These natural bed bug sprays contain cinnamon, lemon grass or tea tree oil, most commonly, but are not as effective as pesticide sprays.

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