Homemade Bed Bug Traps

Cimex lectularius or bed bug is the pests that always annoy people in their own home. They are live in several places not also in bed actually but also in other places that have the great temperature for them to populate. To exterminate them, you can do several ways but you can also make a trap to avoid the poison contamination of insecticides in your home. You can make a homemade bed bug traps that are really easy and simple by composing the simple ingredients that can be found around you.
It is a bed bug extermination method that usually has a function to prevent their activities and kill them slowly. It will be different when you use insecticides that would exterminate them directly and all at once time. The traps will isolate them and then make their movements are definitely restrictive. This will make their life span shortened and hard to regenerate and finally extinct.
The traps will also effective not only for bed bugs but also cockroach or termite. They have the typical characteristics, nocturnal. So the trap will work effectively at night since they will hideaways and hibernate in daytime. The homemade trap is made from the simple materials that would be found in around your environment.
Don’t use the harmful ingredients because the traps will be directly placed near your bed or the places where you and your family use to take a rest. Poison will contaminate the air and it will bother our respiration and oxygen supply.
The homemade bed bugs trap will need several ingredients such as:

  1. Plastic bowls. Prepare four plastic bowls that are really appropriate to the legs of your bed or sofa. Make sure that the plastic bowls are quite enough to hold the bed capacity (load).
  2. Glue and several fabric shards. It will be used as the shackle of legs of bed and the bowls. You can use the conventional glue and some fabric shards that make bed bugs hard to crawl over the bed legs.
  3. You can use PCO’s oil as the liquid that is poured into the bowl. It is the natural ingredients that have no side effect for human life and it is relatively safe.
  4. Insect dust. You can also use insect dust that is really designed as the insect extermination kit. You can purchase it in the market and it is easy to be used.

You can try this way of trapping bed bugs in your house by using the homemade bed bugs traps. It is clearly safe and easy. You don’t need earn extra money to make the traps. In fact, when you have the serious bed bugs problem and you want more than just to prevent your house, you can have bed bug kits. This kit has the several packages that are contained variants types of bed bugs insecticides.
You can get sprays, vacuum or steamer in one package according to your requirement. You can also get CD or manual book of how to get Rid of Bed Bugs in your house. You can do that extermination by yourself or you can call the professional service.

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