Bed Bug Extermination

Welcome. Here you will find information on bed bug extermination and descriptions of the methods that professional bed bug exterminators use. If you are currently the victim of the more and more common bed bug infestations sweeping the nation, then you have come to the right place.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

First, vacuum your living space relentlessly, including furniture and remember to change the bag outside. Wash or dry clean everything moveable (clothes and bedspreads, curtains etc) in the hottest water possible (minimum 45 degrees celsius). Throw out you mattress or your pets mattress, if you find proof of a bed bug infestation.
These steps will help but more often than not, a few bedbugs will escape and it will all be in wain. Therefore, we recommend that you bite the bullet and pay a bed bug exterminator to deal with the problem. If you insist on fixing the bed bug problem yourself, maybe due to cost, then you can find more advice on how to get rid of bed bugs at home on this website.

Bed Bug Extermination

If you have decided to look into professional bed bug extermination, then please read on.
A bed bug exterminator might ask you to complete a few tasks, before his arrival.
You may have to:

  • pile up your furniture.
  • remove your light switch plates (common bed bug hiding place).

It is advisable to:

  • throw out mattresses.
  • caulk walls and cracks (they often hide in there)

Do: Completely strip all bedding (down to the bare mattress). Wash it or dry clean at high temps. In hot desert areas, people with bed bug infestations often hang bedding and clothes in the blistering sun, as temps over 113F (45celsius) will kill the bed bugs.
Do: Examine your suitcases for bed bugs and remove them from your house, and leave them ready to be treated by bed bug exterminators. But bed bugs now live in all 50 US states, so you can certainly get them at home without having traveled, too.

Bed Bug Extermination Methods

Bed bug dogs: Trained bed bug dogs are often used be pest controllers to find the bed bug hiding places in minutes. The bugs creates a distinctive, sickly sweet smell, that dogs can easily identify.
When the exact location of a bed bug infestation has been established, the bed bug exterminators can go to work, using primarily 3 bedbug eradication methods:

Insecticide Dust And Pesticides For Killing Bed Bugs

For items that you can’t stick in the dryer, like a mattress, exterminators can apply insecticide dust, which is a powdered form of the insecticides deltamethrin or pymethrin (Permethrin), other Pyrethroids, Dichlorvos and Malathion
The insecticides currently being used to kill the bugs can take up to three treatments to be effective, and the process involves packing and sterilizing everything in the home, and tossing out infested clothing and mattresses.

Thermal Heat Remediation For Killing Bed Bugs

Traditionally, bed bug exterminators will use hot, dry steam to kill bed bugs, as they will die from temperatures over 113 Fahrenheit (45 celsius).
But one chemical-free method of bed bug treatment is giving people new hope.
The process is called thermal remediation, which uses intense heat to kill bugs in one treatment, where a home is basically transformed into a giant oven for up to 8 hours.
Thermal heaters will be placed in every room of the house, and the high temperatures will kill the bedbugs and their eggs in one shot, with the heat gradually drying out their bodies until they were dead.

Cryonite For Killing Bed Bugs

Cryonite is a unique and patented system that uses carbon dioxide to freeze insects to death. Cryonite works by emitting a carbon dioxide ‘snow’ that will rapidly freeze insects as it evaporates when hitting their bodies. This technique has been thoroughly tested and is now in commercial use in mainly Europe, but also now in the US.

Bed Bugs Extermination Costs

In general, most good pest control companies will first send down a specialist to conduct a visual inspection of your home before quoting you a price. Bed bug extermination is not cheap and often the cost of the extermination will be base on the inspection findings, and not on a flat fee, so it can be hard to determine the exact costs beforehand.

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